Robert A. Blust

Department of Linguistics,
University of Hawaii at Manoa





   Recent work

  • Some remarks on etymological opacity in Austronesian languages. To appear in a festschrift.​​
  • Linguistic approaches to Austronesian culture history.  To appear in a volume edited by K.A. Adelaar and Antoinette Schapper.
  • The Austronesian homeland and dispersal. Annual Review of Linguistics 5:417-434.
  • Why dragons are bisexual: a defense of Naturalism. Anthropos 114:169-180.​
  • Two birds with one stone: the aerodynamic voicing constraint and the languages of Borneo. Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society 11.2:1-18
  • The challenge of semantic reconstruction 2: Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *kamaliR ‘men’s house’. Oceanic Linguistics 57:335-358.
  • The ‘mystery aspirates’ in Philippine languages.  Oceanic Linguistics 57:221-247.
  • Historical linguistics in the raw: my life as a diachronic fieldworker. In In H. Sarvasy and D. Forker (eds.), Word Hunters, Field linguists on fieldwork: 29-42. 
  • Regular metathesis in Batanic (northern Philippines)?  Oceanic Linguistics 56.2.491-504
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