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Robert A. Blust

Department of Linguistics,
University of Hawaii at Manoa





   What's new?

  • To appear. The Neogrammarian hypothesis and pandemic irregularity: take two.  Journal of Historical Linguistics.

  • To appear. The challenge of semantic reconstruction: Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *guntiŋ ‘scissors?’.  Oceanic Linguistics.

  • To appear. Proto-Philippine addenda: theory, method and data.  Ms., 82 pp., Oceanic Linguistics.

  • To appear.  Rare but real: native nasal clusters in Northern Philippine languages. Oceanic Linguistics.

  • To appear. The myth of the Rainbow Serpent ‘myth’. Anthropos.

  • 2021. Pointing, rainbows, and the archaeology of mind.  Anthropos 116.1:145-161.

  • 2021. Counting in the Admiralty Islands.  Language and Linguistics in Melanesia 39:19-55.

  • 2021. Three puzzles for phonological theory in Philippine minority languages. Oceanic Linguistics 60:474-484 (with Jason Lobel and Erik Thomas).

  • 2020. More odd conditions? Voiced obstruents as triggers and suppressors in Miri, Sarawak. Phonology 37:1-26.

  • 2020. Response to comments on “The resurrection of Proto-Philippines”. Oceanic Linguistics 59.1-2:450-479.

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